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To maintain your ScrumMaster and Product Owner certifications, you must accumulate 20 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) each year*. Many of our course attendees have struggled to find sessions on relevant agile topics that provide SEUs. As Angela discusses in class, there is a lot of misinformation on the internet about agile practices like Scrum. It is important to get your SEUs from a source you trust.

To help people maintain their certifications more easily, The Druckman Company is pleased to announce The Coaching Circle. Each session, held once per month, will be on an agile topic that has been requested. Examples include:

  • Writing better user stories
  • Improving backlog grooming sessions
  • Dealing with challenging stakeholders
  • Holding better retrospectives
  • Navigating the agile job market

With each session being about 1.5 – 2 hours in length, by attending every one you can easily gather the SEUs you need to renew your certification. And sessions are recorded so that, if you cannot attend the live event, you can watch afterward and still gain SEUs. There will also be a number of free events each year that will only be open to Coaching Circle members.

With so many sessions to choose from, the Coaching Circle is a great, stress-free way to make sure you always get your SEUs.

Join us for the Coaching Circle and start gaining SEUs right away!


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1 Session


Perfect if you are only missing those last couple SEUs to renew your certification.

12 Sessions

$45/Session (Save $360)

Take the stress out of renewing your Scrum certification. Attending these sessions will ensure you get all the SEUs you need to keep your CSM or CSPO certification.

6 Sessions

$60/Session (Save $90)

This will put you well on your way to earning the SEUs you need to renew your certification.

* your initial CSM/CSPO is good for two years. After that, it is an annual renewal.