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Why We Don’t Teach Big Classes

Why We Don’t Teach Big Classes

As 2022 draws to a close, it is a good time to both reflect on our progress using agile practices like Scrum and also look forward to new challenges and opportunities. Many of you reading this have attended at least one of my classes and some of you have been kind enough to recommend that colleagues also take our classes. Referrals make up the backbone of our business and we hope to continue to provide you enough value that you will send more of your friends and colleagues our way.

Recently, the Scrum Alliance decided to raise the maximum number of attendees allowed in certification classes to 50 people. The Druckman Company will NOT be teaching classes of that size. In my opinion, that is not a class – it is a seminar. I’ve been to some large seminars that I very much enjoyed. But a certification class and a seminar are not the same thing.

In the larger events, it was understood there would be no questions answered, no detailed advice given. My job was to sit and listen. In my opinion, that is not what should happen in a certification class. We need time to dig into the details of the problems and challenges you are having with your Scrum projects and give you meaningful advice. And that is not going to happen in an online setting with 50 people in the group.

As we enter the new year and your friends and colleagues are trying to decide if The Druckman Company classes are right for them, here is what you can tell them:

  • We keep our classes small, usually between 10 and 20 people. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. But we will never teach online classes of 50 people
  • We use no pre-recorded material or pre-assigned reading. The entire class is live with the instructor and classmates
  • All your questions will be answered. We answer questions throughout the class and also have a Q & A session at the end to pick up any topics we missed. We want you to leave class with actionable advice that you can use to make meaningful, positive changes in your Scrum practice

It is thanks to your wonderful referrals that The Druckman Company has certified over 18,000 people in 23 countries in Scrum. And we look forward to serving you in the future for many years to come.


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